Meet ACWWs Board

ACWW’s Board of Trustees is elected by the membership every three years at the Triennial World Conference. The World President, and the rest of the Executive Committee (the Chairmen of the Six Specified Committees: Agriculture, Communications & Marketing, Finance & Membership, Projects, Triennial Conference, and United Nations) are elected by the whole membership, whilst the 9 Area Presidents are elected by their respective areas. Three of the Specified Committee Chairmen also serve as Officers, and they are Deputy President, Treasurer, and Secretary.

The Board meets in full once per year, normally at Central Office in London. The Executive and Finance & Membership Committees meet three times annually, and the other committees meet between 2 and 3 times per year. As the costs of travel rise, some Committee members now join their meetings via online conference call or video.

ACWW's Central Office staff is a small group of professional administrators based in south-east London. With specific expertise in their given fields, the staff work to support the Board, and connect them with the Membership.

Magdie de Kock, World President

World President
Magdie de Kock

Alison Burnett, Deputy World President

Deputy World President
Alison Burnett

Ruth Cargill, Treasurer

Ruth Cargill

Christine Reaburn, Secretary

Christine Reaburn

Sheila Needham, Communications & Marketing Committee Chairman

Communications & Marketing Committee Chairman
Sheila Needham

Maybel Moyo, Projects Committee Chairman

Projects Committee Chairman
Maybel Moyo

Marie Kenny, United Nations Committee Chairman

United Nations Committee Chairman
Marie Kenny

Linda Hoy, Area President: Canada

Area President: Canada
Linda Hoy

Irene Hinds, Area President: Caribbean, Central & South America

Area President: Caribbean, Central & South America
Irene Hinds

Sr. Lucas Arul Seeli, Area President: Central & South Asia

Area President: Central & South Asia
Sr. Arul Lucas Seeli

Irene Chinje, Area President: East, West & Central Africa

Area President: East, West & Central Africa
Irene Chinje

Afrodita Roman, Area President: Europe

Area President: Europe
Afrodita Roman

Norjanah Razali, Area President: South East Asia & the Far East

Area President: South East Asia & the Far East
Norjanah Razali

Dr Marina Muller, Area President: Southern Africa

Area President: Southern Africa
Dr Marina Muller

Gail Commens J.P., Area President: South Pacific

Area President: South Pacific
Gail Commens J.P.

Bonnie Teeples, Area President: USA

Area President: USA
Bonnie Teeples

ACWW Central Office
Tish Collins, Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer
Tish Collins

Nick Newland, Policy & Communications Manager

Policy & Communications Manager
Nick Newland

Sydney Salter, Agriculture & Engagement Administrator

Agriculture & Engagement Administrator
Sydney Salter

Jenny Sellers, Projects Administrator

Projects Administrator
Jenny Sellers

Sue Williams, Finance Administrator

Finance Administrator
Sue Williams

Jessica Green, Office Administrator

Office Administrator
Jessica Green

Rebecca Ramsey, Office Administrative Assistant

Office Administrative Assistant
Rebecca Ramsey

Emily Edwards Blair, Office Assistant

Office Assistant
Emily Edwards Blair