ACWW Connects and Supports Women and Communities Worldwide


ACWW is completely reliant on public support - without this, we could not deliver our development programmes, give women a voice at the UN and other international levels, or continue facilitating women-to-women empowerment and engagement.


You can support ACWW in many different ways - the easiest two are to become an Individual Member, and to hold a fundraising event in your local community.


By organising and taking part in fundraising events and activities, you play a vital role in keeping ACWW alive. Your help is really important; and it doesn’t need to be too ambitious, difficult or challenging.

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ACWW's membership takes two forms - Individual Members and Member Societies. Individuals are classed as Category IVb, whilst Member Societies

are classed as either Category I, Category II, Category III or Category IVa.


To become either an Individual Member or a Member Society, please

download and complete the correct membership form below and return

it to Central Office by email or post.



ACWW membership renewals are due on 1 January every year.  Please make sure that your membership payments are made in good time.  The prices here reflect the update approved at the Triennial Conference in August 2016, and include a small percentage to cover bank transfer charges.

New Individual Membership

Membership Options
Member Name
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Renew Individual Membership

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ACWW Membership Number

Renew Society Membership

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Simple ideas are often the easiest and most effective. Why not try some of these activities?


  • Tea / Coffee mornings
  • Sell or auction some homemade preserves, jams, cakes or craft items are always popular!
  • Bring and Buy sale at your local church or
  • community hall
  • Ask your local school to hold an ‘Own Clothes’ or ‘Non-Uniform’ day in support of ACWW
  • Ask your local university to nominate ACWW for their Charity Week, Rag Week or Freshers Week
  • Mystery Auction - keep the prizes a surprise
  • Encourage your friends to become Individual Members of ACWW


If you feel like something a little more adventurous, you could consider...


  • Quiz Night (see if your local pub or youth club will host it for you)
  • Auction of Promises - everyone pledges to do something positive in the local community, and local businesses can contribute too!
  • Fashion Show - see if a local department store, boutique or fashion shop will help
  • Organise a raffle and collect a range of fabulous prizes
  • Distance events - a sponsored Walk, Swim, Run, communal exercise  session, wheelchair laps or race!


Every year in April, ladies from all over the globe come together for a very special event - Women Walk the World.  This encourages everyone to get out and spread the word of ACWW’s good work, walking in your local area with flyers and information and, of course it, provides a fantastic social activity too.  Children, dogs and even husbands can be included!

Get your walk sponsored, and don’t forget to take photos.  Each year we pick the best photo from Women Walk the World and it features on the front cover of the July issue of our quarterly magazine, The Countrywoman.


This year we are issuing a special challenge - how far can your group walk? Count the number of steps (why not use one of our Pedometers?), multiply it by the number of people in your group and let us know!


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