Pennies for Friendship

About Julie Howard's Walk in 2020

On Wednesday 14 October as part of the ACWW’s “Women Walk the World” I will be walking 20 miles to raise funds for ACWW projects as they support women in poor rural communities around the world.

I am a member of Norton Lindsey WI in Warwickshire. It was my New Years Resolution to complete a 20 mile walk but with Covid and then breaking my shoulder I thought it wouldn’t happen....but then Women Walk the World was rearranged and it seemed the perfect opportunity to support such a truly magnificent charity.

My walk won’t be particularly exciting - I will be walking a popular circuit in our village 9 times and am hoping that others will join me for a lap or two....or three!!

I will be very grateful for all sponsorship.Please use the secure portal below to make a donation to ACWW. Funds raised using this portal will be restricted to ACWW Projects and their direct associated costs. Thank you for supporting ACWW as it teaches new skills, educates and empowers women in the poorest of communities.

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Julie Howard

How is 2020 Different?

This year, ACWW and it's members have been affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic. Because member societies are rightly following WHO and government guidelines and not having meetings, we have seen a decrease in donations to the enabling fund of ACWW: Pennies for Friendship.

You will know that our projects donations (The Women Empowered Fund) are restricted to only funding projects and their direct associated costs, so all the other work of ACWW is reliant on Pennies for Friendship. This includes UN representation and participation, promotional and educational materials like the magazine and leaflets, research, Board members' outreach, board and committee meetings, and staffing.

While ACWW has financial security because of our reserves, we need our members to help ensure that ACWW is able to continue all of it's vital work, this year and beyond. So, as you plan your event, we will provide you with resources that explain how ACWW uses your donations to help rural women around the world.