Project 1028

Project 1028 - India

Strengthening English language teaching skills of pre-school teachers

Project Partner: Lanka Mahila Samiti

300 pre-school English language teachers in the rural areas of six districts of Sri Lanka underwent training in new teaching methods. The beneficiaries reported that they are more confident in class, and feel supported in their progress by the instructional manuals which were created during the workshops.

Project 1023

Project 1023 - Sri Lanka

Nutritional health security through home gardens for Dalit women

Project Partner: Deepam Trust

250 women from 25 villages constructed small vegetable gardens in the backyards of their homes and received seed kits and seedlings to ensure the diversity of their produce. As a result, 89% of the families increased consumption of fresh home garden products. 600 women from village self-help groups attended awareness sessions on safe cooking and food preservation methods.

Project 1029

Project 1029 - Bangladesh

Agricultural training and production inputs for improved food security

Project Partner: WEEDO

100 marginalised and impoverished families were trained in cost-effective and environmentally-friendly organic techniques to grow their produce. They now prioritise the use of high-quality seeds, organic manure, and herbal pesticides. 75% are now able to produce enough vegetables to satisfy domestic needs and generate income through sales of the surplus.

Project 1032

Project 1032 - Mongolia

Women's Economic Empowerment

Project Partner: Sain Tus Center

Two groups of 20 low-income women were enrolled in small business management and basic financial literacy workshops. One group focused on boot making, the other, felt product making. Both received initial capital investment to purchase machines and raw materials and the implementing organisation supported them in finding a market for their products. Their income more than doubled and 50% of the profit was reinvested in the initiatives.

Project 1041

Project 1041 - Uganda

Improved Water Security for the Girl Child

Project Partner: Foundation for Uganda women Development

A 13,000-litre rainwater harvesting tank was constructed at Namunsi Primary School, located near Mbale, Uganda. The school has 451 students who have all undergone hygiene training and the implementing organisation worked with students’ parents and guardians to establish a committee responsible for the maintenance of the tank.

Project 1042

Project 1042 - India

Sexual and Reproductive Health Education

Project Partner: People’s Association for Community Health Education

PACHE Trust involved around 2,500 direct beneficiaries from different demographics in sexual and reproductive health awareness workshops. Focusing primarily on adolescent girls and women, but also engaging groups of adolescent boys, government officials, and spiritual leaders, they encouraged community-wide debate on issues pertaining to the prevalence of STIs, gender-based discrimination, and sexual violence.

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