ACWW Friendship Links is our new scheme for Pen Friends across the globe.  Whilst much of today’s technology is aimed at quick communication, ACWW is believes that true communication, cooperation and understanding lead to empowerment for women. These women are thus better able to exercise their power, make better decisions and change their own lives for the better.


Our Friendship Links programme is intended to bring together members and societies across the globe, offering connections through letters, emails, newsletters, and social media. You choose how you are contacted, and how you correspond with your new friends. Many people still continue to write letters on paper, print out photos to enclose with their letters and are prepared to wait for letters to travel half-way around the world.


Very often interpersonal relationships allow us to discover other cultures; to interact with others with like-minded beliefs and interests. On the other hand, they might be able to offer you myriad perspectives on topics which may be foreign to you or allow you to be able to appreciate another’s viewpoint. Writing to someone who may not be known to you personally could offer a comforting degree of anonymity which is likely to make you more open to sharing thoughts which you might not otherwise be able to share freely with friends or family.


The act of putting pen to paper in itself can be cathartic and the ability to release thoughts or feelings in a non-judgemental setting developing compassion and understanding of other cultures and values. It could also dispel feelings of loneliness! It’s vastly different from the superficiality of social media as this is communicating with someone who invests time to share and bond with you.


During the previous meeting of the Communications and Marketing Committee a decision was taken to revive the pen friend scheme of ACWW.   Our new scheme for ACWW pen friends across the globe is now being referred to as The ACWW Friendship Links Programme.


It is just one part of our commitment to Connecting and Supporting Women and Communities Worldwide, and incorporates both traditional hand-written letters as well as digital means such as e-mail, social media messaging and online friendship.


Area Coordinators have been appointed and the requests for pen friends received at Central Office will be directed to the local Coordinator so an initial connection and handover is established.


All you have to do is contact Central Office, and we’ll start linking you with other ACWW supporters. We understand that some people love to write to each other using good old-fashioned pen and paper, and others would prefer to send an email whilst on their way to work - others still favouring Facebook or Twitter to send messages or even just exchange photos using Instagram. We are keen to help you communicate, whatever your chosen method is. Please note that correspondence is carried out in the official language of ACWW, which is English.


Just tell us how to reach you, some of your interests and where in the world you would ideally like to make a new friend.

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Magdie de Kock

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USA Area Coordinator

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