Canada 2021

Area President Linda Hoy is pleased to confirm that the 2021 Canada Area Conference will be held digitally on 7 July 2021. More details will be added to this page shortly, but you can use the form below to register to attend the Digital World Conference.

Please note that this Conference will be held via Zoom, which you will need installed on your device. Please use the link here to download it if you have not already: Download Zoom

Please use this form to register for the ACWW Canada Area Conference to be held on 7 July 2021. The Registration Fee will be $25 Canadian, and will include all virtual meeting costs, the Conference Pin, postage of your Conference Bag, and a contribution to ACWW Pennies for Friendship. The payee is 'ACWW CANADA AREA' and if needed, the Question is 'ACWW Central Office location', and the Answer is: 'London'.

To pay your registration fee of $25, please use Interact Transfer, using this address:

Conference Programme
  • Welcome comment from the Area President
  • Introductory video with ‘O Canada’ and ‘Song of Peace’, Flag Ceremony
  • Welcome from BCWI Honorary Host Society
  • Welcome and Opening of Conference from World President
  • Greetings
  • Keynote Address (Magdie de Kock)
  • Area President’s Report
  • Guest Speaker: Mary-Ellen Kirby on Pollinator Protection
  • Introduction and reports from the UN Committee Chairman Marie Kenny
  • Introduction and reports from C&M Committee Chairman Sheila Needham
  • Introduction and reports from TWC Committee Chairman Christine Reaburn
  • Discussion on Triennial Resolutions and Recommendations
  • Questions and Answers
  • Closing and Song of Peace

  • Download Finance Report

    Conference Notes

    Area President Linda Hoy will be hosting a virtual social for members on the evening of the 6th of July, via Zoom. Please check back soon for more details, which will be published here.

    The meeting of the Trustees of the Mrs Alfred Watt Trust will be held on July 7th from 10:00 to 11:00 AM ET and open to any member of Canada Area societies.

    Mary-Ellen Kirby
    Meet the Speaker

    Magdie de Kock was elected World President of the Associated Country Women of the World in May 2019, having previously served two terms as the Chairman of the Communications and Marketing Committee. This global mandate extends the themes of her personal work in South Africa and with societies in the region. Mrs de Kock is a member of the Women’s Agricultural Union Mpumalanga and Die Dameskring, and has held a series of local and national roles including Deputy President and CEO of Die Dameskring, Trustee of the SA National Education Fund, Deputy President of SAWAU, Founder President of WAU Mpumalanga and Trustee of various South African organizations. Before being elected by ACWW’s membership to chair the Communications and Marketing Committee in 2013, she served 3 years on that Committee (then known as Publications and Promotion). Magdie is happily married to Johan, a Professional Mechanical and Industrial Engineer, Director of various companies and also a stock farmer and cattle breeder. Magdie is a trained teacher and previously worked as a school principal, motivational speaker, and has spoken at events around Africa, in Norway, and New Zealand. Since being elected as World President of ACWW she has worked to promote the organisation internationally, and to elevate and amplify the voices of rural women. Taking the phrase ‘Rural Women in Action’ to heart, Mrs de Kock has accelerated ACWW’s work on advocacy and ensured that every opportunity is taken for members’ voices to be heard using UN mechanisms, and facilitating resources to empower and enable local, national, and regional advocacy by members themselves. This has included the implementation of a series of surveys to assess the impact of Covid-19 on rural women and cooperate with UNESCO on the reporting of results, and directing ACWW’s continued support for CEDAW and its global implementation.

    Mary-Ellen Kirby
    Meet the Speaker

    Mary-Ellen Kirby is a farmer/gardener at Bergerie Heritage Hill Farm in Quebec’s beautiful Eastern Townships. She has been married to her best friend for 40+ years, has four amazing adult children and eight wonderful grandchildren. At her local agricultural fair in 2015, under the sponsorship of Quebec’s agriculture ministry, she developed an exhibit to educate the public about declining native pollinator populations and how a few simple changes in the garden can make a positive difference in their numbers. In subsequent years, she adapted that daylong presentation into a series of workshops that she has given to various community groups, adult education centres and elementary schools. Mary-Ellen is a passionate gardener who continues to learn and teach about the incredible insects we rely on for so many of our favourite foods and is continually trying to practice what she preaches in her own backyard.