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The Associated Country Women of the World exists to amplify the voices of rural women, so that the problems they face and the solutions they raise are heard and acknowledged by international policy-makers and legislators. Rural women are the backbone of families, of communities, of nations, but they are often a silent support, adapting to change and tragedy with comparative ease. They bear the burden of conflict, they go unheard in legislation, and they remain unprotected and unsupported. ACWW exists to change that.

Rural Women in Action

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Area Conferences

Due to the current Covid-19 Pandemic, several Area Conferences have been postponed. Please check back regularly for more information.

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Advocacy Report

Advocacy Impact Report

We publish a detailed update on the success of ACWW's international advocacy work in 2019 and 2020.

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Rural Women are uniquely placed to challenge the global issue of Rabies, and we are pleased to offer free specialist training.

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World President

A Welcome from ACWW's World President

I cordially invite our members and visitors to use this website as a reference and a reliable source of information. You will find you can easily navigate it to meet the Board of ACWW, get acquainted with the work of our organisation, our involvement with the United Nations and reports on small-scale developments projects through which the lives of rural women and children are changed for the better.

We are pleased that this new website offers members the chance to connect their local activities with international platforms for advocacy and action, the exchange of knowledge and best practice. This Triennium, we have adopted the theme 'Our Diversity is Our Strength', and I am pleased to welcome you to join us.

We are, and will continue to be, Rural Women in Action.