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ACWW is an association of women-led societies and groups working collectively for the shared vision of an improved quality of life for women and communities worldwide.  With 420 member societies in 73 countries, ACWW gives voice to over 9 million rural and non-rural women.


ACWW believes that through cooperation and understanding we can empower our members to create opportunities for women to exercise more power, make better decisions and change their own lives for the better.


Particular concerns are the relief of poverty, relief of sickness and the protection and preservation of health and advancement of education. Membership is open to Societies and Groups as well as Individuals.

ACWW is one of the largest international development organisations for rural women

Our network allows us to engage at the local, national, and international level with the aim of achieving these goals:


  • TO RAISE the standard of living for rural women and their families through education, training and community development programmes


  • TO PROVIDE practical support to our members and help them set up income-generating schemes


  • TO SUPPORT educational opportunities for women and girls, and help eliminate gender discrimination


  • TO GIVE rural women a voice at an international level through our links with UN agencies and bodies

We offer active support for a wide range of crucial development programmes in rural communities

These opportunities and programmes include:


  • leadership and skill training

  • nutrition and education
  • literacy and basic education (including family planning and HIV/Aids awareness)

  • small business initiatives and small-scale agricultural income-generating initiatives


In late 2015, Project 1000 was granted funds. Since the year 1977, ACWW has distributed over £2.2 million in grants to some of the poorest communities on earth.


We welcome women’s societies, umbrella organisations, interested groups and individuals.


We also welcome sponsors, donors and those interested in supporting projects through legacy support or major funding.

Our objectives and beliefs

We believe in creating opportunities for women to exercise more power - through being better informed, being part of an enabling environment and having the necessary tools to carry out the changes they want


We believe women will be empowered when they are able to make better decisions and change their own lives.


ACWW believes in empowerment of women by:

Advocacy, partnership, sharing knowledge and local activities - including UN representation, access to better information resources, funding community development projects and training programmes.  ACWW is committed to raising the health and standard of living of rural women and their families. ACWW is non-sectarian, non-political, forward looking and friendly.


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