UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's

Zero Hunger Challenge

ACWW represents more than 9 million women around the world. Through our women-to-women projects and with the support of our members, we pledge to work to eliminate hunger in our life-times:

Zero stunted children less than 2 years old

  • Encourage healthy mothers to breast-feed their children for longer*
  • Recommend appropriate and nutritious weaning foods
  • Ensure that the children of project beneficiaries are properly vaccinated

* ACWW has already passed a resolution in support of this statement

100% access to adequate food all year round

  • Identify the hungry period and recommend local food crops that are nutritious and can provide food all year round*
  • Support farmers' Rights to Plant Genetic Resources* and ensure that project beneficiaries have access to seed for a wide range of nutritious food crops

World Hunger Map

All food systems are sustainable

  • Recommend and support organic / agroecological methods to maintain soil fertility and conserve moisture
  • Recommend safe, effective, alternatives to toxic pesticides

100% increase in smallholder productivity & income

  • Help smallholders to record their crop yields
  • Help smallholders to record their input costs
  • Help smallholders to calculate and record their income and profit
  • Ensure that this information is collected at the beginning, during and end of each project so that any increases in productivity can be accurately measured

UNICEF Info Sheet:

El Niño’s impact on children

Zero loss or waste of food

  • Encourage the many thousands of ACWW members and societies around the world to prevent food loss and campaign against food waste. Their success stories will be monitored via traditional methods (reporting, email) as well as newer forms of contact such as Facebook and through the use of WhatsApp


5 Questions for Nagaluma Margaret Kasozi;

Maganjo Farmers Association, Uganda

Ruth Shanks AM

World President

Associated Country Women of the World

ACWW's Zero Hunger Challenge Projects

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