ACWW has funded women-led, small scale, community based projects since 1977.  In this time, more than £2.5 million has been distributed to these ‘grass-roots’ projects around the world.


We want to ensure that projects which empower women and strengthen their communities continue to be successful, sustainable and effective.


Women-to-women funding has always been our model, and we know that our supporters appreciate knowing they are making a tangible difference in the lives of women in developing countries.


WE Fund is a new initiative from ACWW, aimed at increasing our project funding capacity in the six Priority Focus areas shown below. This way you're not just adopting a project, but an issue which means that your donations can have a far wider impact


Initially, we are seeking to raise £20,000 for each, so that projects can be approved, funded and implemented in a more efficient, cost-effective way.  As projects are funded, we will seek further donations to keep the fund ‘topped up’ and successful.

Current WE Fund Totals

How does it work?

  • All donations are acknowledged

  • As projects are funded in your Priority Focus, you will receive updates on what your donations have helped fund.  This way you're not just adopting a project, but an issue - meaning your donations can have a far wider impact

  • You’ll receive impact reports, showing how the project is helping contribute to the success of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

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