We are very proud to announce our new fund, which supports ACWW Projects. Over the years, your generous support has allowed us to fund more than 1030 women-led, community based projects around the world.  We want to ensure that this legacy is carried forward and that we can grow and develop our support of women's empowerment globally.


After initial applications, potential ACWW projects are shortlisted and selected by a combination of the Central Office staff and Projects Committee, and then approved by the Board.  At this stage, they have become an official ACWW Project and are given a number.  The most recent is Project 1041. This process will remain constant!


Previously, once a project was approved, it would be funded up-front by ACWW. We would then approach member societies with a list of projects that had recently been approved, and seek pledges to 'Adopt' the projects, with donations coming over the next couple of years.  Whilst many Societies gave generously, this replenishment process meant that the Projects funds never grew or allowed for expansion. For some Societies, they were safe in the knowledge that they had a project to work towards funding, but others were disappointed that they felt they couldn't contribute to that project.


By changing how we ask for donations, we aim to improve the system, and increase the number of projects we can fund each year. This will allow more people to get involved, and ensure that we are helping as many communities as we possibly can.

At the heart of all of ACWW's activities is

Women's Empowerment. Our projects are a crucial contribution to a safe, sustainable, progressive future for women and communities worldwide.

The Women Empowered Fund, known as 'WE Fund', is our new initiative to increasing the project funding capacity of ACWW, and thus the impacts we make.


There are six Priority Focus areas in which ACWW directs funding.  Our goal initially is to build each of these 'pots' to £20,000 so the Projects Committee will know how much can sustainably be distributed in grants, whilst including provision for project monitoring and evaluation.  As funds are committed to projects, the level on the Priority Focus pot will drop, until funds are built up again.


The new Projects page on the website shows the six pots and their current funding totals, updated each week.  This will also show when funds are committed, and include all updates from project participants and beneficiaries, as well as case studies and impact assessments.


As donors, you will be able to see at a glance where money is most needed. Your group may choose to give to one Priority Focus, or to split your donations across several.  You could choose to send in donations and ask for them to be directed to the pot with the lowest level of funding, or consistently fund your chosen Focus.


When you send in a donation, it will be recorded on our system, and acknowledged. When we use donations to fund a project in the Priority Focus you choose to support, you will receive an update and information about the project.  As the project develops, you will continue to receive impact statements and updates, as well as information on how the project contributes to the success of the Sustainable Development Goals.  Of course, if you have funded multiple Priority Focus areas, you will receive updates for each of them. If more than one project is funded from your Priority Focus, you will hear about them too!


Your Society can donate any amount to any of the six Priority Focus areas, and if you'd like a rough guide, the average ACWW project currently costs around £4,000 to complete. The six new projects approved in March 2018 were the last to follow the old model, and have all been adopted.  This way of funding projects retrospectively has been limiting the growth of our capacity.


The new WE Fund allows you to contribute to funding projects up front, receive much faster updates, and benefit from a greater understanding of the impact you are making.  Crucially, as this funding is not limited to specific projects but rather Priority Focus areas, your donations will reach further and benefit people across the world.  As funds are used, the pots can be replenished with donations.


We are always so grateful that those who support projects are so personally invested,both financially and emotionally, in this work.  Connecting women has always been a crucial part of ACWW, and joining communities together through the Women Empowered Fund continues this work into a most sustainable, more effective, future.


Please note that since the deadline for the submission of

non-member applications to be considered for the November 2018 Projects Committee Meeting has now passed and there will be no Committee Meeting in spring 2019, we have temporarily disabled the Pre-Application Questionnaire form on our website.

It will go live again on 1st November 2018.



The deadline for member applications to be considered for the November 2018 meeting is 31st July. Since there will be no Projects Committee Meeting in spring 2019, we are reintroducing an application window from 1st May until 31st July 2019 for applications to be considered for the October 2019 Projects Committee Meeting.


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