ACWW offers small grants to women-led organisations active in urban and rural communities. Projects must be for the benefit of women and children and current funding priorities include:


literacy and basic education

food security and nutrition

maternal health

access to water and sanitation

income-generating business and skills


In late 2015, Project 1000 was granted funds. Since the year 1977, ACWW has distributed over £2.2 million in grants to some of the poorest communities on earth.


We welcome applications from small to medium-sized women’s societies, NGO's and umbrella organisations based in less developed countries.


We also welcome enquiries from sponsors and donors who would like to find out about supporting our projects.

ACWW Project funding plays a significant part in our commitment to reducing global hunger.  As part of our reporting procedures, data is gathered and fed back through the Zero Hunger Challenge and other mechanisms to the United Nations, Food & Agriculture Organisation

and other international bodies.


Please note that since the deadline for the submission of

non-member applications to be considered for the November 2018 Projects Committee Meeting has now passed and there will be no Committee Meeting in spring 2019, we have temporarily disabled the Pre-Application Questionnaire form on our website.

It will go live again on 1st November 2018.



The deadline for member applications to be considered for the November 2018 meeting is 31st July. Since there will be no Projects Committee Meeting in spring 2019, we are reintroducing an application window from 1st May until 31st July 2019 for applications to be considered for the October 2019 Projects Committee Meeting.



Completed Projects reporting in 2016 are shown by type here:



reached by projects

completed in







Water & Sanitation

7 Projects in 6 Countries

16,553 Beneficiaries

Ensuring access to water and sanitation for all

Income Generation

4 Projects in 2 Countries

342 Beneficiaries


Health Education

5 Projects in 2 Countries

111,870 Beneficiaries

Ensuring healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages

Education & Capacity Building

4 Projects in 4 Countries

13,204 Beneficiaries

Ensuring inclusive & quality education, promote lifelong learning

Agricultural Training & Development / Nutrition & Home Economics

3 Projects in 3 Countries

406 Beneficiaries

End hunger, achieve food security & nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture

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