March 2014

Hello to everyone from the European Area

My third newsletter to you comes after a three day visit to Norway to see the fine work that three ladies Elisabeth, Kristin and Christine have put in on our behalf to ensure the success of the forth-coming Area Conference.  Be reassured they have done a great job and we can look forward to thought-provoking speakers, informative business sessions and time to get to know a little of the beautiful country and one another in very comfortable surroundings.  The delightful old part of Bergen is a short, easy walk from the hotel, so an after-dinner stroll and possibly a drink in good company will make a splendid end to the day’s business.  I urge you to make the deadline – 15th March – if you still want to come for what I know will be an excellent Conference. Don’t miss it.


For those already registered, you will be asked later for your travel details so that you can be assisted to the hotel and any particular dietary requirements.  You will also receive information including how to unlock a trolley at the airport – 10p, sterling or ½ Euro will do the job!


The Norwegian host society will be welcoming members from the UK, the Republic of Ireland, The Netherlands, Hungary, Finland, Lithuania, Belarus, Germany and Romania, as well as Canada and the P&P Committee Chair from South Africa.  There were others who would have liked to come but had no resources to do so.  We need to build up the European Area Travel Fund.  Belonging to a European NGO is important for many reasons.  ‘Women working together’ is so important.


Another sadness for me has been my inability to contact former member societies who are now no longer with ACWW.  If you have personal contact with members in Iceland and Denmark, for example, or in those countries such as Switzerland or Sweden where we have weaker links, please let me know what could be done to strengthen our bonds.


Two reminders: 

-Do you want to submit a resolution/recommendation?  If so, it must be published before the Area Conference. I need it before April.

-Could your society offer to host the next European Area Conference, 2017?


There would then be time for the organising Committee to plan the event and for participants to prepare and find funding if necessary.  The Norwegian host society has worked hard to arrange the Conference in a very short space of time, while participating in and organising a full programme of its own.  I am very grateful to the Committee for all their efforts.

I will see that the resolutions/recommendations are put on in this section as soon as I have them.  Please keep up-to-date via this website.


With all good wishes, Valerie

P.S.  Have you knitted your Woolly Hat for the competition yet?

Valerie Stevens, ACWW European Area President

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